Triple Hi'iaka Aquarmarine Necklace


The three large, bombucha sized Tahitian Pearls are flawless, and perfectly round with perfect skin and luster. All three beauties (huge 11mm/12mm/11mm Tahitian Pearls) are Grade AAAA!! Pair these three light Tahitian Pearls with our 4mm natural Aquamarine stones and you have a very special necklace to pass on from generation to generation! The Aquamarines have gorgeous clarity and have a natural variation in ice blue hues. Adjustable and slightly longer in length (18-20"), this necklace has 14kgf details and an Aquamarine even at the end of the 2" extender.

These Aquamarine stones are also special because they are square "pillow cut" stones with soft edges. Aquamarine stones represent water, rebirth and balance. The birthstone for the month of March, Aquamarine stones are said to be the most popular of all precious and semi-precious stones, with blue hues that are calming and represent the ocean.

Only one available, the necklace photographed is the exact one you will receive.

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