Royal Princess Pikake Earrings

$168.00 $185.00

A slightly different take on the Royal Pikake Earring that sold out a few weeks ago...this Royal Princess Pikake Earring has the 9mm Tahitian Pearl within the hoop and the Pikake flower below the hoop!

The Pikake buds are carved from conch shells (these are NOT made from plastic or a plastic composite!) and the medium sized 1.5" hoops are Tidepool Love originals: carved, cast and hammered all in-studio! No solder marks on these hoops, as these are not made from wire and soldered...instead our signature hoops are carved and cast in one solid piece. We cast in Sterling Silver and then heavily dip in 14karat gold to last and last! Earring hooks and all chains are 14kgf.  The two natural 9mm Tahitian Pearls are Grade AAAA beauties in a rich, deep natural color.