Mālama `Aina Cuff


This cuff is dear to my heart because it symbolizes the lessons taught during the pandemic. A year of social distancing, staying mainly at home, working and learning from home brought feelings of loneliness, uncertainty and even fear at times. But the past year has also taught me what is most important: family, home, resiliency and gratefulness. I am grateful for the days spent looking at Diamond Head (Le'ahi) from the comfort of my living room and also remember the glimpses of Manoa rainbows from the window of my home studio. I am grateful for the sun rising and setting. I am most grateful for my family (represented by the Kalo or taro in the center of this carved bracelet). These are the bright moments, symbols of love that carried me through the darkest moments in 2020. And so they became part of the cuff that I must have unknowingly been designing in my mind all year long. The bracelet --- starting with the sun rising and ending with the sun setting and a rainbow beaming--- ultimately symbolizes the hope and the promise of another day. I hope you wear this cuff and remember to Mālama (take care of) your home, your family, the Earth...and never take anything for granted. 

Choose your metal: Solid Sterling Silver cuff or Solid Sterling with 2.5 microns of 14k gold ("Gold Vermeil").

Slightly adjustable, this cuff fits the same as our signature Waimea Mermaid Scale Adult Cuff (wrist size 6.5-6.75").