Mermaid Crown Drop Earrings (14k Gold Vermeil)


Hand carved and cast in sterling silver, then heavily dipped in 14k gold (NOT wire), these popular earrings don't show any solder marks (like when working with wire) and will be a favorite every-day pair! 

We normally make only the "large size" (2.0 inches in length) for certain retail stores and for the Punahou Art Gallery once a year, however, we are releasing BOTH sizes online now, as our summer Japan and Oahu events have been cancelled due to COVID-19. Also, both the Small (1.5 inches) and Large (2.0 inches) will be on special for a limited time in June (or until sold out during the June 2020 release of both sizes on-line). Hope you get your pair! They are seriously a go-to, everyday pair you can wear with jeans, a bikini or out for dinner!


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