Hilo 'Ulu Tahitian Necklace


I resurrected my mom's 'Ulu design she originally made in the 1990s when my parent's jewelry was sold at art galleries nationwide. Her 'ulu (breadfruit leaves) were handcut from sheet metal and the 'ulu fruit was hand-hammered and then framed in gold. Each rectangle framed 'ulu leaf and fruit reminded me of a quilt pattern. I've combined a handmade 'ulu with an exquisite Grade AAAA gorgeous 10mm natural Mo’orea Blue Tahitian Pearl. This pearl has incredible luster and nacre. A medley of 14kgf chains fall from the 'ulu and Tahitian Pearl to symbolize the falling Hilo rain. The 18" 14kgf box chain is sleek and sexy and combined with the 4" total length of the 'ulu charm, pearl and medley of chains makes for the perfect simple, statement piece to treasure forever.