Heavenly Pikake Hoop Earrings


Two hoop styles/sizes in this new limited edition Heavenly Pikake Hoop style! The Pikake (jasmine) white flowers is referred to often as the royal flower because it was a favorite of Princess Ka'iulani, heir to the Hawaiian throne. The delicate white flowers are often seen strung into lei when just a bud, and the buds resemble white pearls. On this special hoop earring, the intricate tiny Pikake buds are carved from Mother-of-Pearl shells (these are NOT made from plastic or a plastic composite!) and the hoops are Tidepool Love originals: carved, cast and hammered all in-studio! No solder marks on these hoops, as these are not made from wire and soldered...instead our signature hoops are carved and cast in one solid piece.  The Mini Heavenly Pikake Hoop Earring is a 1.25" hoop, whereas the slightly larger classic Heavenly Pikake Hoop Earring is a 1.5" hoop.