Haiku Falls Pink Edison Pearl Double Bracelet


The newest in our Mermaid Bubble Bracelets...the Haiku Falls bracelet is also named after the twin waterfalls located on the Island of Maui. Haiku Falls is made up of one large and one smaller waterfall and is a "bucket-list" destination to visit!

This handmade bracelet features a Grade AAAA (flawless!) Pink Edison Pearl(8-9mm), 5mm 14k goldfill beads and then another attached mini bubble bracelet (2mm, 14k gold fill) too! A Puka shell and adjuster on the end of the bracelet makes it slightly adjustable, so just two sizes are available: SMALL (wrist size 6.0-7.0 inches) and M/L (wrist size up to 7.75 inches) Remember, this bracelet is NOT stretchy and will last through all your adventures. Also, the adjustable feature allows you to shorten or length your bracelet! The double bracelet give the illusion of wearing two separate bracelets!


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