Gold Vermeil Skinny Sunny Days Bangle

$115.20 $192.00

40% OFF! Our long anticipated (and much requested!) "skinny" bangles are going to give your arm stack a much needed update! Our new skinny bangles (4mm width) are still carved, cast and designed with intention of lasting through your adventures, however, and they are strong, sturdy and fun! The Sunny Days Skinny Bangle comes in THREE sizes for everyone and have happy rainbows and sunshine all around! Remember, bangles have to fit over your HAND and thus your hand size is really what matters! An easy way of figuring out your correct size is to take a oval bangle you may already have (i.e. your Hawaiian Bracelet) and use a ruer to measure the diameter of the bracelet from the two widest points (see last photo). The Adult S has a diameter of 2.5", the Adult M has a diameter of 2.75" and the Adult L has a diameter of 3.0". 


***These bangles are cast in sterling silver, then heavily dipped in 14k gold (2.5+ microns of 14k gold), in the industry referred to as "Gold Vermeil". They are not "plated" as "plated" items refer to items cast in cheap base metals and then lightly dipped or sprayed in silver or gold which will not last beyond a couple month. Gold Vermeil, has the industry standard of 2.5 microns of 14k gold over a precious metal: sterling silver!! If you prefer SOLID 14k gold, that is available by custom order only (see 14k gold version/listing).

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