Mini 'Ōhi'a Lehua Stud Earrings


My hand-drawn little sketch carved and now finally come-to-life as tiny stud earrings! 1cm tall, these are truly the PERFECT stud earring size!! Not too tiny as to be devoid of details or personality, and not too big so you can even wear these and actually forget you have them on!! The 'ō'hia lehua is tree had many uses for the Native Hawaiian's and its red (or yellow) blossoms continue to be a blossom celebrated in Hawaii. The 'ōhi'a wood was used to make weapons and boards for pounding poi. The blossom and it's seeds fed native birds and Hawaiian legends associate the 'ōhi'a blossom with Pele (the goddess of the Volcano) and thus is celebrated in storytelling, oral history and through the Hula. Now, the 'ōhi'a lehua is endangered and facing rapid decline due to ROD (Rapid Ohia Death) which is a plant disease resulting in thousands of tries dying. 

The delicate and concerning health of the 'ōhi'a lehua is the inspiration for making another 'ōhi'a earring (stud) to add to Tidepool Love's other 'ōhi'a designs. You can see the comparison of this new mini stud next to the classic stud we make.

 Each 'ohia lehua is carved and cast in solid sterling silver, then heavily dipped in 14karat gold to last and last! Earring backings are 14kgf.