Bora Bora Lagoon Necklace

$260.00 $280.00

The lagoons in Bora Bora are second to none and should be on everyone's bucket list. Clear blue waters allow you to see straight to your toes as you stand in the softest white sand. This necklace showcases the hues of blue you see throughout Bora Bora in Tahiti. 16-18" of gorgeous faceted MOSS AQUAMARINE natural gemstones (4.5mm) go from a light soft blue to a deeper mossy blue color, with an ombre effect. Small details like the 14kgf Mermaid Bubble Beads as accents and an adjustable chain with a tiny puka shell on the end...all lead up to a EXTRA large 10-11mm Grade AAAA natural Tahitian Pearl with gorgeous luster and iridescent blue overtones. This listing is for ONE Bora Boa Lagoon Necklace.