8.25" Ocean Bangles

$131.60 $188.00

Our hand-hammered 12guage bangles are sturdy, fun and so easy to wear! Never take these 14kgf bangles off (they won't tarnish or turn color) and keep adding to your stack! 10-30% off, price as marked, the bangle you select is the exact one pictured.

8.25" A: One 12mm natural Tahitian Pearls is round with a few tiny blemishes on its skin, but gorgeous as ever as they are not noticable when floating around your bangle! Great price for this bracelet!

8.25" B: One 12mm natural white Edison Pearl is perfect and flawless!

8.25" C: A gorgeous black and white Drupe Shell from the Hawaiian ocean is cleaned, drilled and floats along this hand-hammered 14kgf bangle! 

8.25" D: A Hawaiian Cowrie shell with its distinctive brown and white markings is gorgeous on this 14kgf bangle!