8.0" Size M Ocean Bangles

$132.00 $165.00

10-30% off each of these one-of-a-kind beauties! Choose your favorite, the bracelet photographed is the exact one you will receive! All bangles are 12guage, thick and hand-hammered and 14kgf of course so they won't tarnish, turn color or fade in any way!

8.0" Bangle A: a large 12mm beautiful Grade AAAA "Cotton Candy" Pink Edison Pearl is the perfect additional to your bracelet stack!

8.0" Bangle B: a large 12mm perfectly white Edison Pearl on this 14kgf hand hammered bangle!

8.0" Bangle C: a very rare (and huge!) 13mm Metallic Iridescent Pink Edison Pearl is stunning!!

8.0 Bangle D: a white Puka Shell hand picked on the North Shore of Oahu is perfect for the mermaid in your life!

8.0" Bangle E: A FLAWLESS, perfect large 11.5mm Grade AAAA natural Tahitian Pearl in a light hue.

8.0" Bangle F: A 11.5mm natural Tahitian Pearl in the coveted medium-dark tone that is the standard for Tahitian Black Pearls!