7.75" Ocean Bangles

$132.00 $165.00

10-30% off, pick your favorite!! Each bangle pictured is the exact one you will receive! Made of 12guage 14kgf, these bangles are sturdy, hand-hammered and won't tarnish even if you wear them day and night! Choose from:

7.75" Bangle A: a pretty 11.5mm Cotton Candy Pink Edison Pearl, perfectly round and Grade AAAA with a smooth skin and luster!

7.75" Bangle B: a perfect 11.5mm White Edison Pearl, perfectly round and Grade AAAA!

7.75" Bangle C: a white puka shell handpicked from the North Shore of Oahu!

7.75" Bangle D: a 11.5mm pretty natural Tahitian Pearl with slight blue undertones and gorgeous luster

7.75" Bangle E: a 12mm PERFECT Grade AAAA natural Tahitian Pearl that is flawless!

7.75" Bangle F: A Gorgeous dark 12mm natural Tahitian Pearl with a minor tiny blemish on the skin, hardly noticeable!