7.5" Size S Ocean Bangles

$132.00 $165.00

10-30% off and you choose which one you want to add to your arm stack!!

These gorgeous 14kgf Bangles won't tarnish, turn color or fade in any way! They are ready to ship and the bracelet photographed is the exact one you will receive!

7.5" Bangle A: A really big 12mm (usually we use 10mm pearls for our bangles!) perfect, Grade AAAA "Cotton Candy" Pink Edison Pearl is both fun and feminine! Everyone needs a pink pearl in their arm stack!

7.5" Bangle B: RARE!! 12.5mm and FLAWLESS! Grade AAAA perfect, natural Metallic Iridescent bright Pink Edison Pearl floats along this 14kgf bangle!

7.5" Bangle C: A white pretty puka shell handpicked on the North Shore of Oahu! This is a must have for any mermaid! The perfect addition to your arm party!!!

7.5 Bangle D: A 10mm natural green Jade floats along this 14kgf bangle! Jade is a living stone and is believed to be good luck and represent prosperity!

7.5 Bangle E: A large, 11mm natural Golden South Sea Pearl, the jewel of the sea!! Honey yellow natural color, perfectly round! 

7.5" Bangle F: A large 11mm natural Tahitian Pearl in a gorgeous light hue. One slight imperfection on the skin or nacre of the pearl which is barely noticable, this is the beauty of a Tahitian Pearl formed by the sea!

7.5" Bangle G: A large 11.5mm natural Tahitian Pearl in a lighter tone. Grade AAAA.

7.5" Bangle H: A large 12mm natural Tahitian Pearl in a traditional dark tone. A couple tiny tiny blemishes on the skin of the pearl, barely detectable and adding to the natural beauty of this gorgeous Tahitian Pearl!