Tahitian Midsummer Night Necklace

$298.00 $325.00

I finally have a HUGE 13mm Tahitian Pearl in the same deep rich midnight iridescent hue (Grade AAAA) to pair with my favorite pillow cut (square cut stones with soft edges) Iolite stones (shades of blues)!! When you hear people talk about Tahitian Pearls with a "mirror" finish, this is the type of Tahitian Pearl they are referring to...on with an iridescent luster and shine that is almost "mirror-like"!! Paired with dark Iolite stones, this iridescent Midnight Tahitian Pearl reminds me of the deep ocean hues that surround you as you sail out past the reef into the deeper ocean. The Tahitian Pearl is 100% natural and has FLAWLESS luster. The necklace photographed is the exact necklace you will receive! Total necklace length: 18-20"

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