Sweet Watermelon Necklace

$315.00 $340.00

These 4mm natural Watermelon Tourmaline stones are square "pillow-cut" (square shaped, with soft edges) colorful beauties. Watermelon Tourmaline naturally comes in colorful shades ranging from pink, to green, to brown and black. Pair these unique stones with a flawless (and I mean flawless!) large 13mm grade AAAA bombucha-sized Tahitian Pearl in the coveted "Coconut White" hue and you have a collector's dream. Light Tahitian Pearls are considered some of the rarest Tahitian Pearls to collect because they rarely grow in this light hue AND because Pearl Dealers and Distributors usually scoop them up to dye them (yuck) colors! So to find them in their natural, untouched light hue is such a treat! 100% natural!! 14kgf details and a 2" extender of course! This one-of-a-kind necklace is adjustable (16-18").