Seafarer Deluxe Necklace

$544.00 $680.00

Five HUGE flawless, Grade AAAA perfect Tahitian Pearls on this Tidepool Love one-of-a-kind piece! Our favorite Oval Cable Chain (14kgf) with five stunning natural Tahitian Pearls (never color enhanced or color infused in ANY way!!): a 10.5mm Ocean Blue Tahitian, 10.5mm Seafarer Blue Tahitian, 11mm Iridscent Lavender Sea Spray Tahitian, 11mm Iridescent Bora Bora Blue Tahitian and a 12mm Iridescent Glassy Ocean Blue Tahitian in the front!

The necklace photographed is the exact one you will receive and mails out immediately to us FREE via USPS first class with tracking! Completely adjustable up to 24" long. 14kgf. Only one!!

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