Mini x-Long Tahitian 'Iliahi Statement necklace

$432.00 $480.00

This long (28-30") necklace is stunning made from the most intricate (2mm!!) tiny Sandalwood beads, and NINE 9.5mm Grade AAAA Tahitian Pearls. These nine pearls are naturally iridescent peacock black Tahitians with incredible luster. So simple, yet stunning to see these many Tahitian Pearls perfectly matched and strong on a necklace using only tiny 2mm Sandalwood beads! The tiny (2mm) Sandalwood bead size used in this necklace makes the Tahitian Pearls stand out! The necklace photographed is the exact one you will receive if you select 28-30" in length necklace.

*You may also choose a shorter 22-24" version of this same exact necklace!

(2nd photo shows this long beauty paired up with the single Tahitian Pearl version.)

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