Mini Money Bunnies

$65.00 $130.00

The last of our mini Jade Money Bunnies! This is it for our tiny Jade One-of-a-kind Bunnies... these seven cutie pies are ALL different and hand-carved from genuine, natural Jade! No dyed Jade EVER!!

These intricate Bunnies bring good luck and are all in the "ready-to-leap" position, as they leap for to grab that good luck and good fortune! Adjustable on our favorite 14kgf cable chain, you can choose size S (adjustable 6-7") or size M/L (adjustable 7-8"). **please note size in your comments, otherwise your Mini Money Bunny bracelet will be a size S (6-7").  

Oh... and ONE last Charmed Money Bunny Bracelet too for this final release...this adorable new, one-of-a-kind leaping lucky bunny hangs from a 14kgf charm bracelet with Jade, Tiger's Eye (for insight), Citrine (for wealth), Jade eternity "donut" (for long life), Yellow Jade (for prosperity), Clear Quartz (for clarity and wisdom) and a gorgeous 9.5mm natural Tahitian Pearl too!

HALF OFF WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! When they're gone they're gone!!

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