Metallic Pink Midsummer Night Necklaces


Two HUGE Bombucha Metallic Pink Edison Pearls (Grade AAAA) to pair with my favorite pillow cut (square cut stones with soft edges) Iolite stones (shades of blues)!! Both Pink Edison Pearls are 100% natural and has FLAWLESS luster and perfect "skin".  Choose from necklace A (13.8mm bombucha sized pearl and 17-19" total length) or necklace B (and even larger 14mm bombucha sized pearl and 20-22" total length).

The two necklaces photographed is the exact necklace you will receive, both are one-of-a-kind stunners and can even be worn together! I promise, neither of these flawless, natural pearls will disappoint, they come from my private collection and are just gorgeous!