Merrie Merrie Special: Bun Pick Set of Two

$54.00 $90.00

Some of my most popular doodles and drawings come to life in these sturdy hair accessories that "stick" into your bun, high pony-tail, or messy local-girl up-do.  The "fork" or "pick" easily slides into your bun, pony tail or up-do and is the perfect accessory to add a little "aloha" to your look. Hand forged and hammered out of strong brass, this piece is then heavily plated with 14k gold. Each Bun Pick is a labor of love, with the "fork" hand forged, shaped and hammered for EACH piece!

MERRIE MONARCH HULA SPECIAL: Regularly $45.00 each (or $90.00 for two), save 40% off on the Set of TWO!

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