Deluxe Kamuela Sandalwood Necklaces

$205.00 $228.00

**These are the EXACT two necklaces shown on model Naleo (last photo).

These new necklaces are made with 5mm fragrant Sandalwood and rare brown speckled "tiger spotted" vintage puka shells (7-8mm in diameter). The Tahitian Pearls are flawless and extra large, making these one-of-a-kind necklaces absolute treasures! Choose from:

1) Single Kamuela Necklace: 16-18" long with 14kgf details and 2" extender. 11.4mm Grade AAAA Flawless Tahitian Pearl The necklace photographed is the exact one you will get!

2) Deluxe Kamuela Necklace: 24-26" long with THREE perfectly graduated Tahitian Pearls (two 12.5mm light silver blue Tahitian and one giant 13.6mm light seafoam Tahitian). The necklace photographed is the EXACT one you will receive.

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