Iridescent Deep Sea Necklace

$262.00 $290.00

My favorite pillow cut (square cut stones with soft edges) Iolite stones (shades of blues) remind me of the deep ocean hues when you sail out past the reef into the deeper ocean. This necklace has a gorgeous, naturally iridescent (11mm) Tahitian Pearl with gorgeous luster. Our Tahitian Pearls are 100% natural, not color enhanced in any way. The Peacock Tahitian slightly changes color in the light, as the iridescent luster on the pearl hints at greens, purples and deep navy tones (like a Peacock's feathers!) This amazing pearl also has what is known in the industry as a "mirror" finish, as the luster is so clean and bright that there is a shiny mirror-like quality to the pearl!!

The necklace photographed is the exact necklace you will receive!  Necklace total length: 16-18" adjustable, 14kgf details!