Lucky Stretchy Horse Bracelets

$142.00 $155.00

One-of-a-kind Jade Horses (approx. 2.25 cm wide) made with our 5mm 14kgf bubble beads (these are NOT plated, they are 14kgf so they won’t peel, tarnish or change color!). The BEST quality Jade Horses (honey ombre or amber colors, intricately carved and all different), are sure to bring you good luck and good fortune this year and always! Our Jade is 100% genuine...never color infused or color enhanced in any way! Only the best and only ONE each (Choose from A-C, the bracelet pictured is the exact one you will get).All are size SMALL and will fit wrists 6-6.5”. These are double strung for durability and are STRETCHY!!