Bora Bora Skyline Necklace

For the first time...our gorgeous, natural Aquamarine 3.5-4mm faceted stones are really all you need! Simply Aquamarine stones...These pretty Aquamarines have a natural light blue hue that is relaxing and calming. Aquamarine stones are not crystals, they are considered precious gemstones that are graded similarly to diamonds. Quality really DOES matter too...if you have Aquamarines of the highest quality (like ours) and expertly cut (like ours), the brilliance of each stone will last and last and your stone (just like a Diamond that is expertly cut and of high color, clarity and brilliance...your Aquamarines will sparkle and shine forever! Our Aquamarine stones are the highest quality and brilliantly cut to show of their natural color. Aquamarine stones represents water, re-birth and fresh beginnings and our new Bora Bora Skyline Necklaces come in THREE lengths (all adjustable!).