Haiku Falls Golden South Sea Double Bracelet

The newest in our Mermaid Bubble Bracelets...the Haiku Falls bracelet is also named after the twin waterfalls located on the Island of Maui. Haiku Falls is made up of one large and one smaller waterfall and is a "bucket-list" destination to visit! This handmade bracelet features a Grade AAA gorgeous...


Golden South Sea Deluxe Valentine Bundle

A GIANT 13mm gorgeous Golden South Sea Pearl floats along a 14k gold fill chain (adjustable 16-18"). These are the most fab quality Golden South Sea Pearls and we only have a few this size!! (reg. $188.00) This pearl is Grade AAAA and stunning! We've paired this necklace with the...

$500.00 $350.00

Golden South Sea Deluxe Honi Honi Ring

Two HUGE Grade AAA Golden South Sea Pearls are set on a 14k goldfill wrap ring. Pearls are extra large: 10-11 mm in size, natural golden color and bright iridescent luster. Slightly adjustable, these rings are comfortable to wear. Can't beat this quality, size or price!! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! The...

$240.00 $180.00

Golden South Sea Single Floating Necklace

Just finished this LARGE 10-11mm  Golden South Sea Pearl! Gorgeous and larger than usual, this natural Golden South Sea Pearl floats along a sturdy but feminine 14k goldfill chain. This pearl is a very high GRADE AAAA with golden luster and a gorgeous, natural golden color. The most coveted of all...

$168.00 $148.00

Golden South Sea Stud Earrings

Gorgeous Grade AAAA Golden South Sea stud earrings are the perfect for day or night! 8.5-9mm and perfectly round, these earrings will match just about anything. Set on SOLID 14k gold posts!  

$190.00 $158.00

Golden South Sea 'Iliahi Pearl Necklace

26-28" of fragrant 6mm Sandalwood Beads and 6 jumbo sized Grade AAAA Golden South Sea Pearls slip easily over your head for a casual, classic look. This necklace also has a two inch adjuster to drop your necklace even longer (28").  Golden South Sea Pearls are 12-13mm!

$520.00 $430.00