Keshi Pearl Ombre Rainbow Huggies

.5" 14kgf "Huggie" Hoops literally hug your ear and are so comfortable to wear! A cascade of three natural keshi pearls hang from each Huggie Hoop. Each one is one-of-a-kind.

$148.00 $130.00

Mini Keshi Pearl Ombre Raindrop Hoops

Four gorgeous (and slightly larger than normal) natural Keshi Tahitian Pearls in these NEW MINI ombre raindrop hoops. The Tahitian Keshi Pearls are approximately 6mm each and have that high luster Keshi Pearls are known for!! This mini hoop is perfect for the person who wants a smaller earring but...

$148.00 from $136.00

Keshi Pearl Ombre Raindrop Hoops

SIX carefully selected natural Tahitian Keshi Pearls cascade down these earrings like the Hilo rain. These Keshi Pearls are larger (6-7mm) keshi pearls then we normally use and the color gradation of each pair is unique. The hand hammered tear drop shaped hoop is to me, the most complimentary hoop...

$168.00 $152.00