As we posted in a previous blog, the twelve signs that make up the Chinese zodiac are represented by various animals, with different characteristics that set them apart. When certain animals or signs are positioned with others, and that union is compatible, there are a number of benefits. Each zodiac has their own “secret friend” as well as “trine.” A secret friend is a zodiac who will bring balance and help in times of difficulty; you can always rely on your secret friend to pull you through! “Trines,” found in groups of three animals that complement each other well, are believed to bring improved fortune, help from others, and an increase in popularity. These groupings can also reduce the chance of disaster and convert bad luck into good.

Here’s a list of the secret friends:

  1. Rat’s secret friend is Ox;
  2. Ox’s secret friend is Rat;
  3. Tiger’s secret friend is Pig;
  4. Rabbit’s secret friend is Dog;
  5. Dragon’s secret friend is Rooster;
  6. Snake’s secret friend is Monkey;
  7. Horse’s secret friend is Sheep;
  8. Sheep’s secret friend is Horse;
  9. Monkey’s secret friend is Snake;
  10. Rooster’s secret friend is Dragon;
  11. Dog’s secret friend is Rabbit;
  12. Pig’s secret friend is Tiger;
Jade Chinese Zodiac Bracelets

The first of the four trines, symbolizing water, is the group with rat, dragon, and monkey. Deep and lasting affection is enhanced with this trine. Rats, dragons, and monkeys are confident signs and can be shown as statues in places around your home. It is believed that this group can cohesively collaborate. Additionally, they are understanding of the impatient and ambitious nature that they all share.

Second of the four trines is the metal group of ox, snake, and rooster. Purposeful in their ways, these signs in sync symbolize increasing wealth and thriving business. An enduringly patient group of intellectuals, this trine is described as dependable and determined. When one wishes to bring successful energy to their career, they can introduce more gold, silver, and copper into their spaces. Some might also put figurines of these animals in their office or house.

The third trine, the fire group, is known by the connection of tiger, horse, and dog. Passionate and artistic, this trio is loyal and very supportive of one another. This trine embodies the courage to think freely - enthusiasm with a degree of impulsivity. Together, the tiger, horse, and dog symbols can encourage a prosperous career, and one can stage them in different areas to try to increase these values in life.

Last of the four trines, the wood group, happens when rabbit, sheep, and pig connect. Calm and reasonable, as well as highly motivated, the merging of these three signs make for a brilliant career. They value harmony, self-sacrifice, and empathy. The three signs, though individually different, fortify each other to allow for more of this energy to flow through life.

Knowing who is your “secret friend” and which “trine” you belong to will surely bring you lots of luck! As I begin to introduce the rest of the zodiac jade bracelets, don’t be too alarmed if your zodiac is sold out; you can opt to wear your “secret friend” or a member of you trine to bring you balance and prosperity. Check out the zodiac collection here!

March 20, 2023 — Jen Sarsuelo